Day Tour of Hill of Tara, Trim Castle and Bective Abbey

The Day Tour Highlights

  • Hill of Tara guided walk
  • Trim Castle
  • Bective Abbey

Tour Details

We will pick you up from any meeting point in Dublin area or beyond (in most cases this is the hotel you’re staying in or it can be any other pick up point of your choice)

During the guided tour of Tara, a sacred prehistoric burial site, visitors will delve into the significance of this remarkable landscape in the minds and hearts of the Irish people. The itinerary includes exploring the oldest monument on the hill, the Neolithic Mound of Hostages, as well as other grand ritual structures from the Iron Age. The tour provides in-depth knowledge about the legendary prehistoric kings of Tara, the rituals and way of life in ancient Celtic society, and the fascinating artifacts uncovered from over 100 archaeological sites at Tara.

During this tour of Trim Castle in Ireland, you will have the opportunity to witness the grandeur and beauty of the largest Anglo-Norman castle in the country. Not only will you be able to admire the castle from its spacious surroundings, but you will also have the chance to explore the castle itself through a captivating one-hour tour. Throughout the tour, you will discover intriguing facts about the Norman conquest of Ireland and learn about the castle’s influential owners. Additionally, the tour will shed light on other significant moments in Irish history associated with the castle. After the castle visit, you will take a leisurely stroll around the town of Trim, renowned as one of the top tourist attractions. The town boasts various medieval buildings, charming 18th and 19th century houses, and even the oldest bridge in Ireland. As the tour comes to an end, you will enjoy a delightful lunch in one of the town’s lovely cafes.

If you’re looking for an atmospheric and captivating place to visit, Bective Abbey is a must-see destination in the area. This medieval monastery boasts well-preserved ruins that offer a glimpse into its illustrious past. Exploring the abbey’s maze-like passageways and interrupted staircases will leave you in awe and wonder. Additionally, Bective Abbey holds historical significance as it was chosen as a filming location for scenes in the iconic movie Braveheart. So, why not take a guided tour to learn about its rich history and the lives of the monks who once inhabited its walls? And if you fancy a picnic, the abbey is the perfect spot, where you can enjoy teas, coffees, and treats while surrounded by the enchanting surroundings.