Ireland’s Golden Vale

The Day Tour Highlights

  • Rock of Cashel and Hore Abbey guided walk
  • Cahir Castle
  • Swiss Cottage and Coronation River Walk

Tour Details

Rock of Cashel

Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of the Rock of Cashel, a historical gem that stands as one of Ireland’s most breathtaking tourist destinations. This iconic site holds an extraordinary collection of medieval structures, including a round tower, an imposing high cross, a Romanesque chapel, a majestic Gothic cathedral, an ancient abbey, the distinguished Hall of the Vicars Choral, and a Tower House from the fifteenth century. Once the royal seat of the Munster kings, legends suggest that even

St. Patrick journeyed here to convert King Aenghus to Christianity. In 978, Brian Boru was crowned High King at Cashel, solidifying its status as the capital. Don’t miss the chance to explore Cormac’s Chapel, showcasing exemplary 12th-century Romanesque architecture and the only surviving Romanesque frescoes in Ireland. This unique and atmospheric place promises to etch enduring memories of Ireland’s rich history.

Cahir Castle

Explore one of Ireland’s largest and remarkably preserved castles, featuring an impressive keep, tower, and original defenses dating back to the 14th century. Take a stroll along the picturesque River Suir, and don’t miss the Movie Garden along the castle walls, known for its appearances in famous films such as The Last Duel, The Tudors, Excalibur, and more. It’s a journey through history and cinema in one iconic location.

Swiss Cottage

Explore the charming “fantasy” thatched cottage, once the entertaining haven for Lord and Lady Cahir. Step inside to discover exquisitely decorated rooms adorned with specially crafted furnishings, hand-painted murals, and the world’s first and most expensive wallpaper of its time. This delightful cottage offers a glimpse into the opulence and creativity of its bygone era.