Mysterious Middle Kingdom

The Day Tour Highlights

  • Loughcrew cairns, guided walk
  • Fore abbey, guided walk
  • Fore Distillery & Barrel, explore authentic Ireland and meet local owner of a distillery

Tour details

Loughcrew cairns

Step back in time and delve into over 6000 years of Irish history with a guided tour of Loughcrew Cairns, ancient passage tombs that predate the pyramids of Egypt and Newgrange.

Fore abbey

Continue your day by visiting the legendary Fore Abbey, where you can explore its historic grounds and discover a wealth of artifacts that unveil the tales of Ireland’s past.

Fore Distillery & Barrel

Enjoy a relaxing lunch at a local distillery, where you’ll have the chance to meet the owner. Join them on a tour of the distillery, uncovering the secrets and hearing fascinating stories that weave the intricate tapestry of Irish whiskey creation.